What are our Contact Numbers? 

Steve : +27 (0)78 478 2638

Justice : +27 (0)66 197 6799


What does “Hoedspruit” mean?

Directly translated from Afrikaans, Hoedspruit means “Hat Creek.”


How many flights are there in and out of Eastgate Airport?


Monday- Sunday:

Johannesburg- Hoedspruit

  1. Departing 10:15 Arriving: 11:20
  2. Departing 12:15 Arriving 13:20


Hoedspruit- Johannesburg

  1. Departing 12:00 Arriving 13:00
  2. Departing 13:55 Arriving 14:55


Monday- Thursdays & Saturdays:

Cape Town- Hoedspruit:

  1. Departing 10:10 Arriving 12:50


Hoedspruit- Cape Town:

  1. Departing 13:20 Arriving 15:55


Friday & Sunday:

Cape Town- Hoedspruit

  1. Departing 09:10 Arriving 12:30


Hoedspruit- Cape Town

  1. Departing 13:10 Arriving 16:20


*Information taken from Eastgate Airport website on 25 August 2017

What is the weather like in Hoedspruit?

The hottest months of the year are usually December, January and February where temperatures routinely exceed 31 degrees and rarely dip below twenty. The coolest months are June and July where the average minima and maxima are 9C and 24.7C respectively. Game viewing in the Kruger National Park is best in winter as the bush is sparse and animals often converge on waterholes to find sustenance. The local weather system yields a subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild, dry winters. Day temperatures of above 35° in summer are a common phenomenon.

How can I get to Hoedspruit if the flights are full or too pricey?

Ashtons Shuttle Service offers daily transfers between Johannesburg and Hoedspruit. There is also a self-drive option with many car rental companies in Jhb, Pretoria and Hoedspruit.

Is there a hospital in Hoedspruit?

Although Hoedspruit does not have direct and immediate access to a closely located hospital, there are a number of medical services available in Hoedspruit from Paramedic Services to GP’s, Physio’s and Dentists.