Moholoholo Animal Rehab Centre

Moholoholo AnimalRehabilitation Centre:

A home for many of South Africa’s abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife and a highly regarded contributor to wildlife education in our country.

Situated in the shadow of the majestic “Mariepskop” our unique Rehabilitation Centre is home to many animals and birds. Some of them are the rescued Lions from an Egyptian Circus; Queen the Crowned Eagle, Chui the Leopard, Jolly & Juba the Cheetah ambassadors and many more.
The Centre has a long standing and successful Serval Breeding Project which is a success story all of its own. Having bred and released over 160 back into areas where they have previously become extinct. We have received reports that some of the females have since mated with wild males in the area of release! Another first for Moholoholo, we are the only facility in South Africa to have successfully bred the endangered Crown Eagle.

The animals on view are: Lion, Leopard, Serval, Lynx, Honey Badgers, Eagles, Vultures, Wild Dogs and any baby animals that we may have at the time of your visit.
A visit to the Centre will stimulate awareness and an understanding of the plight faced by our wildlife today.


The most popular of all the animals here is “Stoffel” the honeybadger…

Stoffel the honey badger is a bit of a handful for the staff at Moholoholo. He can’t be kept in his pen no matter what the staff does to contain him. If the staff builds a pen he will use a tree to get out. The staff removed the trees so Stoffel dug up rocks and piled them high against the wall. Rakes, tyres, anything left in the pen on purpose or by accident will be used by Stoffel to escape. It seems he enjoys matching his wits against those of his human caretakers. Right now, it seems he is winning most of the time.

It really is remarkable to see Stoffel the honey badger outsmart his human caretakers. It seems to be nothing more than a game for Stoffel. He has even tried to break into the bedroom of his caretaker after an escape. It turns out honey badgers are even more awesome than originally thought.

This is a fantastic family outing!


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Mobile: 082 907 5984
Fax: 015 – 795 5333